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Where Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons‘ meets ‘Jack and Jill

Every month one of the three original Jack and Jill nursery rhyme verses is mixed with one of the lyric verses that Vivaldi wrote for his concerto The Four Seasons. This tumbling prose is created using a computer text generator called Markov’s Chain. In December Vivaldi’s Winter sonnet is mixed with verse one of Jack and Jill. In January Vivaldi’s Winter sonnet is mixed with verse one and verse two of Jack and Jill. In February Vivaldi’s Winter sonnet is mixed with verse one, two and three of Jack and Jill. The same is repeated for Vivaldi’s Spring sonnet and Jack and Jill for March, April and May. And so on for all the seasons and all the months of the year. (See the tabs at the top of the site). In this way the enlightenment project of Vivaldi, on the cusp of the industrial revolution, becomes increasingly entangled with the pagan folk verses of an earlier era. We live in times of such confusing seasonal disruption tied in with climate change, that interferes with our childhood memories of holidays and seasons. We need to find new ways to wrestle and interpret this confusing new landscape. Not just of the seasons but of memory and the imagination.

Diseasonality is the project of